About My New Pair of Fishing Waders

Since I am quite into fly fishing lately, I decided that I had to buy a pair of fishing waders. I do not want to get soaked wet when I am doing what I love best, so it is quite important for me to keep dry and healthy. For this reason, I thought a good pair of waders will just do the trick. Here is what I bought and my impression after taking these on a few fishing trips with me.


After I searched a bit for a pair of fishing waders to fit, I stopped at the Frogg Toggs Amphib Boot Foot Wader. I heard they are quite good for trout fishing, since trout is the kind of fish that will surely get you wet, whether you like it or not. I have yet to hear an angler, be them as experienced as they may like to think, managing to get trout out of the water, without getting splashed from head to toes. I can handle a bit of water, but there is no way I want to spend my fishing trips sneezing and coughing. So I bought the pair of waders I mentioned a bit earlier.

cedar waders

First of all, I was more than glad to find a perfect fit. One of things I noticed many anglers saying is that you cannot easily get a pair of waders to fit to your body frame, so I was very happy these ones came just right. Secondly, I must say that I am more than satisfied with their very sturdy construction. They are made of a thick layer of neoprene, which is a type of material that repels water and does not let cold get through that easily. When I go fishing in colder areas, I usually pack some more warm clothes, but still I must have something more to protect me in cold water.


These waders are chest high and they also go a bit higher in the back, so I feel like I am properly protected from all sides. They come with suspenders so you do not have to constantly pull your pants up instead of seeing about your fishing. In my book, this is a great plus, which is why I am mentioning this here. Last, but not least, the waders come with their own insulated boots, so I feel like I am really well equipped when I am wearing them. My feet are always dry and I feel just great each time I go fishing now.