Behind the Cheese!


Oldie but a goody

Luckily, DADDY fans everywhere are uploading lots of great videos on YouTube. Of course, one of our favorites is from way back in April at Lightning 100 in Nashville. Check out this kicking acoustic duo version of “Nobody from Nowhere.”

A Digital Daddy

So you’re into instant gratification huh? Well we can help you get your DADDY fix quicker by offering digital downloads courtesy of the iTunes Store. Can’t wait for a disc? Get it now!

If Amazon MP3 is more your thing you can find the digital download here.

And for those of you who have an independent streak (yeah, we’re talking to you Shitheads, Parrotheads, and DADDYphiles out there), check out our friends at ThinkIndie for more digital download goodness.

Of course you’re always welcome to do it the old-fashioned way at our store and we’ll ship a CD to you.

Now get to bed before your Mother finds out you’re up late.