The rainy day fishing trip

Bob and I went fishing one fine Saturday. Knowing that we live in one of the wettest parts of the country in terms of summer rainfall, I brought along my best fishing jacket, wader and boots. Alabama, after all, gets 4.62 inches of precipitation on average per month during the summer. Bob called just as […]

Thinking about taking up fly fishing

Having done my own share of saltwater and freshwater fishing, I have found another way to ditch work: do some fly fishing. Aside from getting myself a great pair of polarized sunglasses to help me spot fish, I have also done a decent amount of research to help me along. First, I went online and […]

The Tackle: One that Almost Got Away

Meet the Catfish Hunter   For  about a year, my friends and I had a lot of fun catching huge gar, using minnows as bait. One year, we decided that a change in scenery was in order, and it was at our new location on the James River that we ran into a guy we […]

About My New Pair of Fishing Waders

Since I am quite into fly fishing lately, I decided that I had to buy a pair of fishing waders. I do not want to get soaked wet when I am doing what I love best, so it is quite important for me to keep dry and healthy. For this reason, I thought a good […]

Some tips for better fly fishing results

  I have recently taken on fly fishing and I am developing quite a taste for it. Last time, when Bob and I went fishing, it was quite an adventure to haul back home all the fish we caught. Since now I want to get better at fly fishing, I started to learn and I am […]