How to Fly Fish for Rainbow Trout – A Few Tips

Recently, I have become interested in fly fishing for rainbow trout, but at first, I rainbow troutmust confess, I was quite bad at it. I asked some friends and searched around for some more info to improve my fly fishing technique and finally I started to get better. Since rainbow trout is not that difficult to catch, I knew I had to follow some simple steps. I only had to know them. So here they are, exactly how I learned them. I hope they will improve your fly fishing technique, too, and you’ll be able to catch some 9 pound specimen to have something to boast about next time you go back home from a fishing trip.


Get more fly lines with you

Trout is not difficult to catch, but it has its own quirks as a fish. Sometimes, it can be curious and swim around in search for food, while other times, it can lie low on the bottom, like it doesn’t have a care in the world. If you want to convince it to get out of there, you will need to pack more fly lines with you.

I recommend having at least a full fly line for the depth of the water body you are fishing on. This is an absolute must. A slow sinking line is a good add-on, as I discovered first hand. I suggest a weighted line, too, so you can long cast, if you want to.


Pack a buzzer with you


When you are fishing on still water, it doesn’t hurt to pack a buzzer with you. This type of fly makes a small movement on the water surface, mimicking the hatch of a species eaten by the fish. The fish will get drawn to the movement and you will be able to score a catch quite easily. Make sure you watch the fly as it moves around, and notice any change that surely indicates the fish bit the bait.


A fluorocarbon leader should be your choice

You can use all sorts of leaders when you fish, but if you want to catch rainbow trout, your best bet is a fluorocarbon leader. This type of leader is as good as invisible on the water, so the fish will not suspect any foul play. Especially trout is known to see the leader attached to the fly if it is made of a noticeable material.

Have fun fly fishing for trout!