The rainy day fishing trip

Bob and I went fishing one fine Saturday. Knowing that we live in one of the wettest parts of the country in terms of summer rainfall, I brought along my best fishing jacket, wader and boots. Alabama, after all, gets 4.62 inches of precipitation on average per month during the summer.

Bob called just as I was going out the door, to confirm he was also out the door in a few minutes. I told him that I was just on my way to the door when he rang. Bob lives three blocks from my house and I was picking him up on the way to the Barbour County Public Fishing Lake so we could catch some large-mouth bass or perhaps some channel catfish that we were planning to barbecue for dinner that evening.cedar2

After putting the phone down, I went outside to my pickup truck to start piling my gear into the cargo area. It was sunny out, and bringing my waders, fishing jacket and boots seemed pointless, but the missus reminded me that the day could turn nasty anytime and besides, there was still of room to take Bob’s gear.

We reached the county fishing lake and unpacked our gear. We headed straight to the fishing pier, where a number of other people were also taking their spots. Bob and I set up our gear, and just as I was inserting a rubber worm into the end of my line, the sun seemed to disappear quickly into the clouds and some really angry clouds came into view high up. I told Bob to watch my gear while I ran for my rainy fishing gear back at the pickup. I asked him if he brought along his own, and he said no, he wasn’t expecting the rain to last long anyway. I ran to the truck and just as I was snapping the Velcro on my fishing jacket in place, big and angry raindrops started to fall. Goodness, we were in for a rainy fishing day after all! The wife was right!

I walked hurriedly to where Bob and I had taken our places. It was a terrific spot, and I was glad I came prepared. Bob squinted at me through the rain. I asked him if he was going to be alright, and he said definitely, since he was just getting a nibble at the end of his line. Oh well, I shrugged. There was nothing I could do for him. I did advise him to visit the lake manager’s office to ask if they had some rain gear available, but Bob insisted the rain wouldn’t last long.


As I was hauling in my fourth large-mouth bass, Bob, all dripping and having no further success with his line since he had to wipe his face every so often, asked me if we could leave that terrific fishing spot. He already felt cold all over and he was apparently disappointed with how he was doing that rainy fishing day. My fishing buddy could not take the rain anymore, as he was soaking wet and miserable. Despite my regret for having to leave that great fishing spot, I had to accommodate his request. It was a good thing I had already caught four fish and Bob had caught that first small catfish before the rain came in torrents. At least we still had something to enjoy for dinner with our families that evening at home. Anyway, I was glad I brought the right gear for the weather conditions and I’ll make sure to check out the other suggestions from this great site. I’m sure there’s plenty more items that I’ll need for my next fishing adventures